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Morgan Ondo

Client of - Maritza Moreno

I now understand I had a horrible relationship with food after joining The Optimized Life Project. But now I have a great relationship with food and I feel amazing. All my friends and family notice a big difference and now ask me for advice which I always refer them to Maritza because we all have different goals and different obstacles. She’s amazing at making what I thought was super hard and complexed very easy. My mental clarity is at a all time high!

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Hi, I'm Maritza Moreno
a busy mom of three kiddos and an expert Lifestyle Transformation Coach in the Chicagoland area. I battled YoYo dieting & Binge Eating for over 12 years of my life. After my recovery, I was able to lose 115 lbs. & I have maintained that weight reduction for past 18 years. 

After my personal health transformation, I went back to school to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Exercise Physiologist.

I currently work with my team to provide both remote and in-person Transformational Lifestyle Coaching to busy, working, professionals who have failed conventional methods of weight loss and attempts at health improvements. My goal is to help 10,000+ people end Funky Food Relationships while they learn to maintain their progress for life by learning to "Live Smarter, NOT Workout and Diet Harder".

Maritza Moreno

What The Customers Are Saying
Donna Schares
Client of - Maritza Moreno
“I got rid of my brain fog which was important for me, also my energy levels went way up. I just felt great changes all the way around. Joining the Optimized Life Project has allowed me to pile up a bunch of old clothes and donate them to the goodwill because I know I will never need them again.“
Aubrey Gomez
Client of - Maritza Moreno
After joining The Optimized Life Project I have so much more energy and my body feels so different. I can tell from my arms and my waste, I feel the difference in my legs, it’s just an amazing feeling. But the coolest thing about it was I didn’t have to starve myself, Maritza helped me not only understand that I can have carbs and eat more but also the way that she teaches me was like nothing else I’ve ever done. I’ve tried almost every diet and supplement out there, don’t hesitate just do it!
What if everything we've ever been sold on about "weight loss" was WRONG? 
What if every-time someone committed to another "diet" program, what they were really committing to was:

ANOTHER round of devastating deprivation of much needed calories, and
Low energy levels, irritable moods, and insatiable cravings, and
Unnecessary restriction of our FAVORITE foods, people, and places, and
A set up for hormonal chaos that turns the human body into a fat magnet and muscle eating machine?
Meanwhile, their relationship with food gets funkier as each diet inevitably ends in an overeating episode,
Which simply perpetuates the Dangerous YoYo Dieting-Binge Cycle?
What we know to be true from DECADES of weight loss research is that dichotomous thinking, 
AKA, "Black and White", or "Good vs Bad" thinking when it comes to nutrition and food is the #1 leading predictor of weight regain.
In fact, understanding someone's nutrition-related attitudes and eating tendencies can predict with nearly 90% accuracy whether or not the approach that a person takes with their weight loss is likely to force them to suffer from REBOUND weight gain shortly after they have initially lost the weight,
I'm addition to helping us understand who might be at risk of "taking things too far" when it comes to "dieting".....
But this year can be the LAST year that the embarrassing and heart breaking tale of Dieting-Related Rebound Weight Gain EVER has to be a part of anyone's personal story.
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